IGS Developed an easy to use website in which users can sign up to become members, book onto courses, and read the latest news in the blog section. Users can also see all BPMAs members on the website in the Membership Directory.  A Chat Window was also added to enhance user experience. 

A bespoke CRM and Education Platform was also created to help improve the overall user experience. The CRM allows members to update their own profile with information such as their logo, contact details, and a description. The CRM also allows admins to create quizzes for the learners, generate invoices and automatically send them out to members, this is linked to Sage. Admins can also add in new events, see who has signed up to the events, export attendees and much more. The Education Platform allows learners to view videos, take quizzes and get qualified. 

For any branded merchandise, please have a look at their accredited members!

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