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5 benefits of Mobile Apps

You've got a website, but you want to add more value to your business

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Apps

 If you have any form of modern technology to your disposal you’ll know that applications are a big part of 21st century tech. There is an app for almost everything - I even saw one called ‘Nothing’ and it does exactly that. Nothing. You look at a black screen. Pretty weird, right? Whether you think that’s hilariously good or terribly bad it proves there really is an app for everything, whether it be for a legitimate purpose or just flat out nothing.

Mobile apps and business actually go hand in hand and any business who doesn’t have an app in 2018 are missing out on a lot of things like engagement, visibility and revenue. Allow me to break this down.

1. Accessibility

It is said that the the average Briton will spend 24 hours a week on the Internet, over 90% of this time is spent on apps. To put things into perspective even more, on average we will check our phones every 12 minutes, how insane is that? I’m positive that most of us (if not all of us) reading this right now would prefer to carry around a mobile phone than a laptop all day. Correct? This is purely for the convenience of it and that is what apps are all about! If you have an app and a website it will make it so much easier for both B2B and B2C interactions to happen and could easily result in more business for you.

2. Improved Customer Experience

Although your website might be amazing and provide all your prospects with all of the vital information or products they possibly need - they can only get the full experience of that on a desktop. Websites never translate as beautifully as they do on a computer screen and when the visitors of your website are trying to find a specific thing, it can be a lot more effort to find using a device browser and that contributes towards a negative customer experience.

3. Improved Analytics

This will include your engagement rates, impressions and visitors. Once this new way of reaching your audience is introduced everything will likely skyrocket because your business is now suddenly much more accessible 24/7. To put this into perspective, a study found that in 2018 people spend much more time browsing In-App as opposed to a Mobile Website. On average, a person would spend 50 minutes on Mobile Websites, which sounds like a long time until you compare it to it’s In-App counterpart which scored 3 hours 25 minutes. The results truly speak for themselves and you can probably imagine what this would do to your analytics.

4. Brand Awareness

A mobile app is quite likely to improve your brand awareness by increasing the visibility of your business, particularly if you have a USP when it comes to your app. This all links similarly to point 1 about accessibility and how people would much rather carry around their phone on the go as opposed to a desktop browser. Similarly, people spend over 3 hours a day on mobile apps which clearly shows that there is a market for your business to thrive. If your consumers have your app on their phone it is likely that they will see the logo for your business whenever they open their phone which is a very powerful connection to have. Your app will also come up in the search bar when people are searching for apps in your field, which may attract a lot of new visitors.

5. Customisable!

No two apps are exactly the same and it could attract a lot of new people to your brand. If your app features something unique, you can use it to your advantage, for example a big trend is AR (Augmented Reality). 
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Date: 03/01/2019 | Author: Marketing Team

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